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We are a professional USA ghostwriting company that is passionate about fulfilling your aspirations and elevating your author journey. ghostwriting is fun until you face difficulty in managing the pile of content you wrote for your manuscript, sounds hectic right? Rather than stressing over things, all you have to do is collaborate with a dedicated team of creative yet professional online ghostwriters who are passionate about understanding your aspirations as well as carrying your perception about things through your manuscript. That’s not all, as a professional ghostwriting service online, we also take care of all the copyright issues for the information that we include in your book.

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Professional Ghostwriting Agency In The USA. Collaborate with a team of passionate individuals who have the expertise to navigate you through your author journey.

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We offer you not only comprehensive services but as a professional ghostwriting agency, we have been able to team up with industry professionals who are dedicated to fulfilling your expectations with their top-notch ghostwriting expertise. Hire top ghostwriters near you and serve your book idea with the creativity and authenticity it deserves.

The USA Books Publishing provides you with affordable yet custom ghostwriting packages to help you cater to all the publishing complexities at ease, on the go. Hire expert ghostwriters who can assist you in the ghostwriting process and grant life to your aspirations.

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Hire Top Ghostwriters In The USA!

Collaborate with a team of passionate individuals who have the expertise to navigate you through your author journey.

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USA Books Publishing as the name speaks is a US-based best ghostwriting company that aims to assist authors with not only custom ghostwriting solutions but book publishing assistance throughout the globe. Get an affordable ghostwriting agency and surprise your author journey with professional assistance.

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Why Choose US Ghostwriting Services?
Table of Content

The first thing that our expert from the ghostwriting team serves you with is an appropriate table of contents, according to which your book is going to be executed. A TOC makes a big difference to the initial stage of your writing phase.

Chapter-wise Drafting

Right after the approval of the TOC, our ghostwriters will hop into the drafting process that’s meant to be executed chapter-wise so that you can ensure the best quality is being served to your manuscript.

Global Distribution

Our experts promise you global distribution, yes you heard it right. We can eliminate all the limitations of your author persona and serve you with a global audience. Focus on a lasting impression, and work on your legacy.


You may discover hundreds of freelance ghostwriters online and only look through their portfolios to select from one of them and other than that you can connect with a professional book ghostwriting firm that has a ghostwriting staff to assist you in boosting your literary legacy.

Ghostwriting prices vary depending on many aspects, like the length of your book, the amount of research required, and the number of chapters you want to include in your piece of art.

In simple words, ghostwriting is a service that most authors avail when they don’t have enough time to manage the writing phase for their manuscript so they hire a writer to do that for them, and all the royalties are also delivered with the final files. The writer who takes no credit for the content but only money to contribute to your literary piece is called a ghostwriter.

Yes, there’s no problem in getting a ghostwriter, as a ghostwriter is meant to write for you and get no credits but the price that you both agree on. Getting writing help as an author is a very common thing in today’s date to enhance your author journey.

The length of your book and the number of chapters are both factors that have an impact on this answer, but generally speaking, ghostwriting services require two to three months to finish the writing process and ensure the client is happy; this includes time for any necessary revisions.

Prioritizing Customer Experience.
USA Books Publishing keeps customer satisfaction prior that anything else!

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We are a team that established itself as an organization with the aim of serving authors with custom as well as affordable author solutions, covering all that they’d be needing.

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We offer comprehensive editing, proofreading, and publishing for your book. All of the following are part of what we offer:

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